Recool Z

Alice of an icy country 「BUMMYL」

■Temperature and humidity are manipulated, the atmosphere is solidified and ice is generated. It is fire strict prohibition weakly to a rapid temperature change.

バニール バニール

Freezing slide (↓kick)

■Work which can be used if BUNNYL is pushed down. Icy sliding! It can be hidden also in a narrow place. It will dive, if it takes out in the air. Cancellation starts with a jump button.


Capture information 〜 Event item

■An event item is required to return the original human being the boss who pushed down.
It is hidden in somewhere in each stages.

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■The cold district belt which carries out keeping cool of the huge sweets. It is cautions to ride and move to the ball of the place where a shot freezes, or snow etc. at change of a situation.

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